Keeping calm and carrying on.

Let's race!

For the next two weeks I will be exclusively reporting on all the Olympic news YOU NEED to know about.

Everything worth hearing about, seeing or even having any idea of will be reported here, exclusively, by me, for you, and no one else, in the world, ever. All other blogs and articles regarding the Olympics will be utter drivel and none of them will interest you or have any relevance in your life. You WILL fell national pride reading the articles soon to be here. Your heart will pump pure adrenaline and your tear ducts will immediately gush upon every meaningful victory from an athlete from your country.

Welcome to the Official Blog of the London Olympic Games. You will be affected.

Can someone please find this and add “Punctuation do.”?

Can someone please find this and add “Punctuation do.”?

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How long before…

A camera or phone has a Kinect-style infra-red laser array to create depth maps for the images it takes and those depth maps are used in Instagram for automatic tilt-shift/depth-of-field effects that aren’t just circular or a straight line?

Because I would buy one of those. It’d be a lot better than one of those ridiculous Lytro things.

Edinburgh is such a wonderful place, some people just ruin it for everyone.

Anonymous said: Have you done tumblrdatinggame(.)com yet?

Nope. And I’m not going to for reasons that should be obvious.

My girlfriend constantly asks me to tell her things, not specific things, just things. “Tell me something.” That’s all the prompting I get. I struggle with this and am rarely able to come up with anything off the top of my head, So I’ve decided to distil my thoughts into text again for the sake of preparedness.

I started this tumblr oh so many years ago with the intention of writing every day. That was all I intended to do, without fussing over the subject of what I wrote. I’ve tried to restart a couple of times over the years but once I’ve stopped, it seems that without a reason it’s hard for me to start again. Now I think I have a good reason.

And so the new title for my tumblr is ‘Practising for my girlfriend’, because that’s pretty much all this will be from now on. Hopefully.

I remember this well.

I saw this guy yesterday, but was in too much of a rush to do anything but walk past.

Cherry blossoms in the Meadows.

Will Hanson - In Her Loving Memory.

Will Hanson is a new favourite of mine. He’s from Glasgow and his music is featured in the On The Road trailer.

This song is particularly ace, but all of his stuff is brilliant.

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Wet Wet Wet comeback after five years of mercifully sparing the world from their music.

When asked for a statement they replied, “basically we just need the money”.
These girls are going to be performing at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art tomorrow.  Their dances are in response to the sculptures there.  There were some pretty trippy ones.